Have a look inside


The nave is of generous proportions, it has 5 bays and the pillars are made of Belgian red marble. The capitals are of richly carved stone with varying designs, passion flowers, leek, thistle, shamrock, tudor rose. These are not repeated in any church of comparable size in existence. Above the pillars are carved corbels which reveal the initials of Henry and Margaret Willoughby de Broke. There is no other tablet or writing in the church  starting it was specifically built as a memorial.


The pulpit is an outstanding example of the art of wood craving. It represents 5 panels Our Lord, and the Saints Matthew,Mark,Luke and John and these are supported by five figures of angels. 


The lectern represents an eagle perched on the summit of a rock with both wings outspread. Around the base is inscribed 'To the Glory of God and the memory of Sir Hugh Williams". 
It was carved by T.H.Kendall of Warwick, who has work in Sandringham, and he carved 22 panels that adorn the members dining room of the House of Commons.